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Laser therapy is one of the latest, ground-breaking technologies that can help in the treatment of acute neck and back pain, arthritis pain and restricted movement, bruises, bone fractures, neuralgia and other debilitating ailments. Parkland Chiropractic is your premier Chiropractor Parkland FL offering the newest in laser therapy treatment.


What is laser therapy and how does it work?


Laser therapy involves the use of specific wavelengths of non-thermal light to treat certain areas of the body. When light energy enters the damaged cells, it stimulates cell recovery contributing to the healing process. Each light wave is meant to supply energy to the body through the layers of the skin stimulating the immune system. During the process, the supply of oxygen and energy to every cell is enhanced. This also contributes to healing and repair of cells.


What conditions can be treated:

  • -General pain
  • -Neurological pain
  • -Soft tissue injuries
  • -Bone fractures
  • -Bruises
  • -Shoulder pain
  • -Leg pain
  • -Tight muscles
  • -Sprains, strains and sore backs
  • -Tennis elbow, tight muscles and wrist pain


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What to expect during laser therapy treatment at Chiropractor Parkland FL


Laser therapy is a form of treatment that doesn’t cause pain. The procedure can take 2 to 30 minutes depending on several factors such as the depth and severity of the condition. We will perform an evaluation to determine the number of visits required so that the patient can get the maximum level of relief. Every patient at Chiropractor Parkland FL is assessed carefully to determine a course of treatment that would bring out the best results.


What to expect after laser therapy


Most people who undergo laser therapy will notice an improvement in their condition almost immediately. Some patients will begin to notice a change in the treated area after undergoing 1 to 3 procedures. Regular treatment from a Parkland Chiropractor can significantly help to reduce swelling and pain within a few weeks if the patient has a chronic condition. For acute conditions, the symptoms can start to disappear within one set of treatments. It is very important to follow the recommendations given after undergoing laser therapy. There are patients who will have to undergo 10 to 18 laser therapy sessions in order to obtain full recovery.


Is laser therapy for me?


Dr. Scharf and his team are committed to helping you find a long-lasting solution to your pain. Every Chiropractor Parkland FL session of laser therapy is designed to stimulate the cell recovery process and is expected to have a long-lasting effect on the patient. We always advise our patients to strictly adhere to the recommended course of treatment in order to get the best results.


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