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Frequently Asked Questions About Chiropractic Care

Most people will seek chiropractic therapy in order to deal with pain, eliminate stress, relax and sleep better. The goal of chiropractic treatment is not just to relieve pain. It is a form of therapy that can help to improve one’s overall health and quality of life. Today, chiropractic care is considered one of the most effective alternative therapies. When you visit a qualified chiropractor Parkland FL, below are a few common areas he/she is likely to address.


What conditions can chiropractic therapy treat?


Chiropractors can treat a wide range of conditions from back pain to neck pain, headaches, sprains, injuries and muscle inflammation. Chiropractors usually perform an evaluation to understand the patient’s condition better and determine the best course of treatment for them. The goal of chiropractic care is to eliminate your pain, restore proper body function or mobility in the affected area while making sure you are healthy and strong to go on with day to day life.


What ages can chiropractic doctors treat?


Chiropractors can treat patients of all ages. Mothers can take their infants to a chiropractor in order to help alleviate the pain and discomfort of colic. In fact, chiropractic therapy is said to help newborns heal from the trauma of the birthing process. Seniors who suffer from issues like back pain and arthritis are often visiting the chiropractor to get help in dealing with the pain and inflammation.


Is chiropractic care safe?


One of the greatest concerns that is making many to stay away from chiropractic care is about its safety. There is literally no other safe and non-invasive technique that can be used to treat neuromusculoskeletal disorders. Like all other treatments, chiropractic care has a few potential adverse effects. For instance, some patients experience some mild soreness after chiropractic treatment has been administered. This soreness is likely to go away within 24 hours.


Do you need a referral from your medical doctor?


In most cases, you don’t require a referral in order to seek chiropractic treatment. However, you may be suffering from a condition that requires a referral from your physician. A chiropractor may be able to advice on when you need to get an approval from your doctor before undergoing any form of treatment.


Is chiropractic care safe for children?


Children can benefit from chiropractic care too. When they become physically active and are prone to trips and falls which cause injuries and pain, chiropractic treatments can help to ease the symptoms. A chiropractor Parkland FL can help a child suffering from neck pain, stiffness, soreness and discomfort. Chiropractic techniques applied in this case are very gentle hence safe and beneficial to the young ones.


Will chiropractic care be covered by insurance?


Most insurance plans do cover chiropractic care. This is because chiropractic treatments have been accepted worldwide as an effective form of therapy that can help an individual to live a better quality of life by addressing day to day challenges like stress and pain. You need to confirm with your insurer whether this form of treatment is going to be covered before visiting a chiropractor Parkland FL.


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How are chiropractic adjustments performed?


Spinal manipulation or chiropractic adjustment is one of the procedures that is commonly used by chiropractors to help patients recover. Chiropractors use their extensive skill and experience to perform spinal manipulation using their hands or an instrument depending on the patient’s goals and condition. Manipulations can help to enhance joint function, get rid of stiffness, joint inflammation and ease pain. This procedure is highly controlled and should only be carried out by a licensed and experienced chiropractor to ensure safety and prevent discomfort. Chiropractors usually adapt the manipulation process to meet the unique needs of the patient. Most people will experience a positive change immediately after treatment.


How often will you need to seek chiropractic treatment?


One top concern for most patients is how many treatment sessions they will undergo. Chiropractors usually come up with a course of treatment depending on the patient’s condition and goals. For instance, if the patient wants to get rid of excess skin and fat using body contour laser, he/she may require several sessions in order to achieve the desired look. In most cases, several visits are necessary because patients are seeking preventative care or need management of symptoms of a chronic or acute condition. The chiropractor should perform an evaluation and advice on the number of treatments you are likely to require and how long each should last.


Is a popping sound during spinal manipulation normal?


Yes. During manipulation or spinal adjustments, you may hear a popping sound. This occurs because of the release of gas bubbles in between the joints. This is actually the same sound that is heard when you pop your knuckles. However, you shouldn’t experience extreme discomfort when undergoing manipulation. The popping sound is usually minimal and shouldn’t be painful. The techniques that chiropractors use today involve massage and stretching so you shouldn’t be skeptical about “cracking your back” at the chiropractor’s office.


Can chiropractic care cause strokes?


There has been some rumors that manipulations done by chiropractors can cause stroke. However, there is no scientific evidence that supports these allegations. People who suffer from persistent headaches and neck pains are more at risk to a certain kind of stroke known as vertebrobasilar artery stroke. However, it is very important to let your chiropractor know if you have a family history of stroke or a condition that puts you at an increased risk. During this initial evaluation, your chiropractor can determine the best course of treatment to ensure you are safe and recover effectively.


How do you choose a good chiropractor?


It is very important to seek chiropractic care from a qualified expert. Spinal adjustments must be done properly in order to remain safe and effective. Take time when choosing a chiropractor Parkland FL. Consider getting referrals from the people in your circles and ask the chiropractor questions before making a decision.


Don’t be swayed by misconceptions that will prevent you from improving your quality of life with chiropractic care. Read to know the truths and seek treatment when you need it.


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